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Sep 7, 2010 7:00pm PDT
people dead and more than 50 wounded in northwestern pakistan. the attack targeted police residences. the blast went off in the town of kohot tuesday night and destroyed more than ten buildings. officials say the victims include six police officers and their family members. pakistani authorities suspect islamic extremists were behind the attack using a car loaded with explosives. the blast comes a day after another bombing of a police station 80 kilometers south. 19 people were killed in that attack. pakistan has been dealing with devastating floods triggered by heavy rain in late july and authorities say islamic militants have ramped up operations while the government focuses on flood relief work. >>> the japan coast guard has arrested the captain of a chinese fishing boat on suspicion of attempting to obstruct an inspection in japanese territorial waters. the 41-year-old chinese captain was arrested early on wednesday morning after his trawler collided with a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands in the east china sea on tuesday. coast guard officials say the trawler was ope
Sep 7, 2010 6:00pm PDT
's crackdown on roma. isn't so far, there's no proof that discrimination was involved. >> in northwestern pakistan where at least 21 people have been killed and another 70 wounded in a car bomb attack targeting police. officials in the town said a powerful blast toward city residential area of the police compound. the wives and children of officers were among those killed. jkohat is between taliban insurgent stronghold in pakistan's tribal areas and has been the target of several militant attacks this year. australia finally has the government after 17 days of political wrangling following an election which resulted in a hung parliament. the prime minister's labor party has managed a one-seat majority with the support of independence. she took over leadership just weeks ago in a party revolt ousting the prime minister. she is the first woman to be elected australian prime minister. >> julia gillard is to retain power by the slimmest of margins. it marks the end of two months of uncertainty which began. she said australia's worst political crisis in a generation was now over. >> labor is p
Sep 8, 2010 4:00am PDT
in northwestern pakistan yesterday, appealing to the world to come to the aid of the country. >>> hilary duff was spotted with a script for the new "spider-man" film, leading to speculation she could have gotten the female lead. >>> and, finally, a lawyer for actress minka kelley, an actress, denies reports that she had a major meltdown on a new york to l.a. flight after being told she couldn't put her dog on her first class seat during takeoff. well, tmz reported it took all seven flight attendants, a personal plea from the pilot, and a phone call to boyfriend derek jeter to calm kelly down. she looks like not the type to have a meltdown. >> what's the world coming to when you can't put your dog on the first class seat. >> this comes to us from wnbc 4 new york where out of tragedy hopefully comes healing. construction workers at the world trade center site installed a 50-ton steel column salvaged from the september 11th attacks in new york city. the support beam will serve as part of the entryway to the future 9/11 memorial and museum being built to forever commemorate the world trade center
Sep 8, 2010 5:00am EDT
john lennon outside his home in 1980. >>> angelina jolie met flood victims in northwestern pakistan yesterday, appealing to the world to come to the aid of the country. >>> hillary did you hauff was s with a discriminate to the new spider-man flip. >>> and finally, a lawyer for actress minca kelly denies reports that she had a major meltdown on a new york to l.a. flight after being told that she couldn't put her dog on her seat during takeoff. tmz reported that it took all seven flight attendants, a personal plea from the pilot and a phone call to boyfriend derek jeter to calm her down. it's always a phone call to derek jeter to calm her down. and now sheer saying that it wasn't to derek jeter. >> she's denying that she had a meltdown in general, aren't you? well, coach, gas. i don't know about her allegation. >> you're jealous. >> why, because she's with derek jeter? of course not. i have no problem with that. >>> stay tuned. way too early with willie geist starts right now. >>> weeks after the controversy over the islamic cultural center near ground zero became a national story, t
Sep 6, 2010 5:00pm PDT
in northwestern pakistan on monday killing at least 19 people. the attack took place in the town of lackey mar walt, shattering the police station and neighboring houses. at least 19 police officers and it is ens including children were killed. more than 30 others were wounded. suspected islamic extremists have unleashed a wave of attacks in pakistan this month. more than 80 people were killed in bombings last week that targeted minority shia muslims in the eastern city of lahore and the western city of quetta. >>> north korea has announced that it will release a south korean fishing boat and crew members that it seized in the sea of japan last month. the transfer is to take place near the two countries' boarder in the sea of japan on tuesday evening. the announcement was made through the korean central news agency on monday. on august 8th, a north korean vessel towed a south korean squid boat with a crew of four south koreans and three chinese to a port on the northeast coast. the south called on the north to release the crew. the north said the decision to release the crew members was made f
Sep 8, 2010 12:30am PDT
to protect hundreds of women and children. a huge bomb in northwestern pakistan kills at least 20. it is the second militant attack in as many days. and more than 1 million take to the streets against planned austerity measures dealing with french pension reform. welcome to bbc news. good to have you with us. we are broadcasting to our viewers in the united kingdom and around the world with me, james bagwell. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has spoken out against the plan to burn korans. general david petraeus said if it went ahead, images of the event would be used by insurgents to incite violence. coming up, we will hear what hillary clinton had to say with this report from washington. >> this is what worries general david petraeus is. 500 people in kabul, gather to demonstrate. one small church in america plans to bring copies of the koran. protesters threw rocks. >> we are concerned about the possible implications of a koran burning in the united states. it puts us in jeopardy. we have even seen trouble on just a rumor that this could take place, and i think that the i
Sep 8, 2010 4:30am EDT
angelina jolie met flood victims in northwestern pakistan yesterday, appealing the world to come to the aid of the country. >>> hilary duff was spotted with a script for the new spider-man film, leading to speculation she got the female lead. >>> and, finally, a lawyer for minka kelley, an actress, denies reports that she had a major meltdown on a new york to l.a. flight after being told she couldn't put her don on a seat during takeoff. tmz reports it took all seven flight attendants and a personal plea from the pilot and a phone call from boyfriend derek jeters i would imagine that finally calmed kelly down. >> i don't blame her. she paid extra to put the dog in the seat. >> not when you -- >> is it that much -- >> follow the rules. you've got derek jeter. what else do you want? be happy. >> this comes to us from wnbc 4 new york where out of tragedy hopefully comes healing. construction workers at the world trade center site installed a 50-ton steel column salvaged from the september 11th attacks in new york city. the support beam will serve as part of the entryway to the future 9/11 memo
Sep 6, 2010 5:00pm EDT
in northwestern pakistan. militants still controlled much of that region. time that there is outrage in afghanistan today over a planned event to commemorate 9/11 in florida at. -- current rates -- commemorate 9/11. church members are planning to burn on the koran this saturday. we will have much more on tensions are rising worldwide in the days leading up to the anniversary. >>> president obama spent this labor day talking about a new plan to getting people back to work. we have more on the president's new plan. >> good afternoon. the president delivered a fiery speech. he took some shots at his opponents. he also laid out his new plan for jobs growth. less than two months until the midterm elections, president obama tried to channel his candidate obama moxie at a labor event in milwaukee. it was the great american working class, the great american middle class that made our economy in the of the world. it has to be that way again. >> it is campaign season and the stakes are high. mr. obama rolled to a new jobs bill with plans to rebuild 150,000 miles of roads. a new air navigation
FOX News
Sep 9, 2010 6:00pm EDT
to have been an american missile strike killed five suspected militants in northwestern pakistan, the fourth such attack in the region in the past 24 hours. meanwhile, militants have stepped up attacks in that country with four large explosions killing at least 135 people in less than a week. iran says it will release one of the three american hikers who have been detained on espionage charges for more than a year. and also today, iranian exiles expose what they say is a previously secret uranium enrichment facility being built in the side of an iranian mountain. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the specifics. >> reporter: these satellite images from more than six years ago show nothing, but mountains near a military base near tehran. today theres a complicated tunnel system built into the side of the mountain. according to a group of iranian exiles who in 2002 revealed a hidden facility for uranium enrichment inside iran and catching u.s. intelligence and the iaea flat-footed at the time. >> there's this huge underground site built under the tunnels. huge ca
FOX News
Sep 21, 2010 4:00am EDT
six alleged militants in northwestern pakistan. intelligence officials say three missiles hit a house and a vehicle today in an area dominated by islamist militant groups they are focussed on attacking nato troops across the border in afghanistan. there has been at least 15 suspected u.s. missile strikes this month. the most intense barrage since they began in 2004. senior american official at the united nations nuclear agency annual meeting invy yesna, says -- vienna says the u.s. will continue to pressure iran to come clean about the nuclear program. the head of the program says the u.s. agency is suffering from what he calls a moral authority and credibility crisis. back here at home, there is new opposition to a proposed islamic center and mosque near ground zero. senior correspondent eric shawn says that effort could force many blue collar workers to make a difficult choice. >> reporter: hard hats delivering plywood to site of mosque proposal near ground zero but the new website 9/11 hard hat is calling to boycott building it. it's the brain child of construction worke
Sep 8, 2010 9:00am EDT
. two suspected missile strikes that targets northwestern pakistan. they said at least 10 members of a group attacks nato forces were killed. the fbi is trying to find out who wrote a bomb threat on the bathroom wall on a jet that landed safely in los angeles and some 200 passengers were interview and no bomb was found. both los angeles police chief is appealing for a calm and promising a thorough investigation of sunday's shooting of a day laborer that led to two days of protest. they arrested 22 demonstrators after some of them pelted the police station with eggs, rocks and bottles. they shot the immigrant twice when he lunged at with a knife. the 32 chilean miners got a glimpse of the world outside on tuesday. they got to watch their national soccer team play a friendly match against ukraine. the players for the team wore t-shirts that read strength to the miners during the national anthem. they have been trapped since an august 5th cave in. we will go back outside to matt. >> mr. roker? >> nice folks here. lake charles, louisiana. >> the cowboys! >> want to say to anybody? >>
Sep 6, 2010 8:00am EDT
of a police station in northwestern pakistan. it's just the late nest a string of deadly suicide bombings for the country struggling to overcome record flooding. we'll talk more about this and how it's connected with colonel jack jacobs in the next half hour. >>> still much more ahead. how does speaker boehner sound to you? the house minority leader could be next in line for the chair if republicans win the house. will he have the same problems as speaker pelosi? >>> a woman ambushed by a stranger that threw acid in her face. what's going on? >>> plus, you think you've won the lottery. head to the local store to cash in and the clerk says that you are wrong. instead, he is pocketing that cash. date line's chris hand son joins us on the latest hidden camera investigation. when i was seventeen, i was not good to my skin. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare, exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested to un
FOX News
Sep 28, 2010 1:00pm EDT
two hours of a suspected u.s. missile strike taking out four militants in northwestern pakistan. it comes as we get reports that the united states is reportedly using unmanned drones like this one to launch a new series of missile strikes trying to derail a terrorist plot tow attack some of our european allies. catherine herridge is live. what is the target for the strikes. >> reporter: last night a senior u.s. official confirmed to me that the drone campaign has ramped up in the tribal areas of pakistan. the last time we saw this spike in activity was in january of this year. one of the reasons we've seen this ramped up is i'm told we are getting extremely good intelligence on the ground which is allowing the strikes to take place. a handful of groups, sometimes people call it the witch' brew. this is the presumed hiding place of osama bin laden, and more specifically the afghan and the pakistani taliban. the pakistani taliban trained the time's square bomber. what we've seen increasingly is operatives like naturalized americans western europeans going into the tribal areas and
Sep 28, 2010 6:00am EDT
so much. >>> the cia stepping up drone missile strikes in northwestern pakistan along the border with afghanistan. officials tell, cnn, it's based on precise elements of disrupting terrorist plots. the tribal region has been targeted 65 times. and there have been more attacks this month than at any other time. the cia campaign of drone strikes has angered pakistanis because of the civilian death toll associated with them. >>> looks like he is indeed running. white house sources are telling cnn it's "all but certain" that president obama's tough-talking chief of staff rahm emanuel will announce friday he is leaving the white house. >> emanuel always wanted to run for mayor of chicago, and the job is open after several decades. the president has one request of his long-time confidant, and that is hurry and up and decide. suzanne malveaux is up bright and early where the president's going to have another backyard conversation about jobs. what are you hearing about the potential departure from the white house? >> reporter: yeah, looks like he might actually get his wish here. it look
Sep 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
there aren't specific threats. >> been a big increase in drone attacks in northwestern pakistan in the month of september. 20 attacks. cnn analysis is that's double the usual amount. did that increase in drone attacks tied at all to this plot? >> again, not anything i'm comfortable commenting on as director clapper said, we're always acting against plots. we're always trying to be proactive and doing what we need to do to protect the american people. >> let's tack about the reason why you're there in montreal and that's new aviation security guidelines. one of the things you're trying to do is convince countries to adopt body scanners we are getting at american airports. dubai said there are privacy concerns. italy is not thinking of going with them because of the long security lines they cause and question of whether it would have detected the bomb that there was in the underwear. are there the best technology to protect aviation? >> well, first of all, i think you've kind of mischaracterized what we are here doing. what we are here doing is making sure that there are security standards thr
FOX News
Sep 28, 2010 9:00am EDT
the u.s. has carried out more than 170 strikes in northwestern pakistan. those attacks said to be killing 31 al-qaida leaders and more than 1200 taliban militants. phafrt martha. martha: a new global push to ramp up airport security. today u.s. homeland security secretary janet napolitano will address 190 nations that a bigger effort needs to be made to keep terrorists from smuggling explosives onto airplanesment this new push is a reaction to december's attempted bombing of an international flight over detroit. we remember the underwear bomber case on christmas day. janet napolitano wants other countries to pick up their security efforts, scanning at vulnerable airports saying that terrorists have figured out where are the good places to go. 6/ bill: let's go to politics now. we are your front row seat to politics. five weeks to the day before the midterm elections. president obama hitting the road in albuquerque, new mexico targeting the republicans pledge to america announced this week. the millions of young voters who have played a key role in putting them in the white h
Sep 5, 2010 11:00am EDT
it was they were doing. they're based in the northeastern, northwestern areas of pakistan. but the effort that they made in madison square garden with marginal at best in times square, that area was marginal in terms of what they did. it's hard to know whether or not they can reach as far as europe, as far as the united states, with a legitimate if you want to call it that threat. >> i'm curious as to the i guess aftermath of what happened on wednesday with the group officially being designated foreign terrorist organizations under the u.s. law. in practical terms what does that get one? >> what it really does is it articulates that it tries to take disorganization, like it will the ppk, like it will al qaeda, like it will al shabaab and others, and tries to isolate them because now when you designate an organization as a terrorist organization, anybody who gives any material support, if they're trying to raise money, trying to get support in any other sense it makes that a crime. and so ultimately what they try to do is isolate them and keep them from others. but you know what there's a
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm EDT
beard in a cave probably in the northwestern frontier region of pakistan. >> right. >> named bin laden who can't wait for this to happen. >> you know what, chris? >> because this makes the point which he wants which is an east/west war. >> you know what, chris? the best thing that we can do to counter that is to see to it that the politicians in our nation quit playing with religion and quit playing with these kinds of situations with islam to divide the nation just in order for them to get elected. that's not patriotic either. >> okay. >> if we want to show that guy with a beard what we are, let's show getting together in a common cause to make this world a community in which everybody is safe to practice their religion. >> i wish i was in your religion, sir, and you are in mine. you're a great guy. thank you for coming on. i'm glad to be what i am but thank you for coming on. you seem like a great man of god. >> thank you. >> reverend wealthon gaddy. >>> up next, what's haley barbour talking about when he says we know less about president obama than any other president in history? i
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Sep 6, 2010 6:00pm EDT
,000 international troops already there. suspected u.s. missile strike in pakistan killed three alleged militants in the northwestern tribal areas. hours earlier a taliban suicide bomber in the same region blew up a car in an alley behind a police station killing 17 people and wounding more than 40. the taliban has claimed responsibility. just months after the united nations authorized its strictest set of sanctions to date on the iranian regime, a new report shows the country moving full speed ahead with the nuclear program. correspondent james rosen reports it's the ease at which iran is achieving the goal that is most disturbing. >> it finds iran has three tons of the enriched uranium, three times more than known to exist in may and much more to make the three nuclear weapons. >> we're striking at the heart of the iranian government ability to fund and develop the nuclear program. >> despite sanctions, president obama signed in law this summer, the iaea report shows the uranium nuclear workers moved unchecked, breaking seals on the enrichment machinery, to enrich at higher levels than acknowle
Sep 7, 2010 5:30pm PDT
military deaths since u.s. combat operations ended a week ago. in pakistan, a suicide car bomb ripped through a police compound, killing at least 20 people, many of them women and children. it happened in the northwestern city of kohat. the blast brought down a number of houses and buildings near the police compound. it was the latest in a string of attacks by militants, and came just hours after the taliban threatened more suicide attacks on government targets. demonstrators took to the streets in more than 200 cities across france today to protest a government plan to raise the retirement age. it is one of a series of austerity measures under conseration. we have a report narrated by lindsey hilsum of independent television news. >> reporter: they beat drums and chanted against president sarkozy's attempt to raise the pension age to 62. in lyons, they turned out despite the rain. >> i'm 57 so it's three years before i retire. i started work at 16. so i really do want to retire at 60. >> reporter: and here they protted withuvuzelas left over from france's defeat in the world cup. and
FOX News
Sep 7, 2010 9:00am EDT
it. seismologist, thank you. >> thank you. bill: "fox news alert," juliet, from overseas, in pakistan, we're hearing from the government now, a large explosion has ripped through a police compound in the northwestern part of that country, and nehit a training facility and a commercial area and several homes said to have collapse and fear many casualties and more as we get it and it follows up violence from a few days ago, in pakistan, when dozens were killed there, too and continues yet again in a different part of the country and in the meantime, all the flooding continues, pakistan is taking a lot at the moment. >>> in california, they are facing the worst financial crisis in the nation. so, who has the right stuff to bring the golden state back into the black, you wonder? a career politician screen right takes on a self-made business tycoo tycoon, screen left, meg whitman is live in the studio and she'll make her case to be the governor in the golden state. juliet: forget about medical marijuana, a psychedelic doubling of a prescription drug. ♪ ♪ and your mind is moving ♪ go
Sep 6, 2010 5:30pm PDT
train afghan security forces. in pakistan today at least 19 people died and 40 more were wounded in a suicide bombing near a police station. the pakistani taliban claimed responsibility for the car bomb in the northwestern town. a spokesman said the bombing targeted police because they encourage residents to set up militias and fight the taliban. at least 44 people have died in landslides in guatemala, and dozens more are missing. heavy rains unleashed multiple landslides this weekend including on one of the country's main highways. rescue workers struggled today to try and free more than 30 people buried in the wreckage. more rain was forecast for the rest of the week. tropical storm hermine headed for the texas-meco bder region today. the area is under a hurricane watch predicting the storm could reach hurricane strength before it hits land early tuesday. flooding in southern mexico forcing thousands to move to shelters. forecasters are pre-vikting up to a foot of rain in some areas. those are some of the day's major stories. now back to jeff. >> brown: we turn to the problems
FOX News
Sep 7, 2010 11:00am EDT
, next. jenna: some new information out of pakistan for you now, a huge explosion ripping through a northern city there, killing three people and injuring 25 others. this happened in the city, the northwestern city of peshaue -- peshawar and apparently the police compound had a lot of different areas to it, there was a commercial area, a residential area and this explosion happened mainly in the residential area. at this time, this is a developing story, because as we understand it, there's no power to the area. it's in the evening, and rescuers are having to search through the rubble in the dark. so as we get more information, we'll bring that to you, this breaking story out of pakistan. jon: now to pakistan's neighbors, the subject of a troubling new report from the united nations. it's about iran, and its growing nuclear program. reports out today suggest tehran is now stockpiling nuclear materials and denying international inspectors' access to its facility, all of this, three months after those tough new sanctions went into effect. so what can the rest of the world do to try
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)